Metalayf company has launched a new production line for

producing horizontal tanks

Companies "Metalayf"prepared and launched a production line for the production of horizontal tanks at the plant. Production line consists of automatic welding column welder roller rotators, four-high profile and tube bender hydraulic bending machine.

Automatic welding column Chinese company Hugong LCH is designed for welding the longitudinal and transverse joints of steel cylindrical products with a minimum of human intervention in the process. In completing the welding power source column is made in the USA Lincoln DC600.

Roller rotators are designed to rotate the steel shells for the automatic welding of the column.

4-roller hydraulic bending machine from Italy Parmigiani designed for bending sheet into cylindrical segments, cones, shells and tubes. The machine runs on a computer system with a specialized CNC STRADIVARI.

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