MetallStroy LLC is launching a new product line

Ltd. "MetallStroy" announces the establishment of its own production facility for metal in January 2013.

An important objective of the program the company "MetallStroy" is the desire to fully meet all the needs of customers. In connection with this program, in 2013, LLC "MetallStroy", in addition to the supply of metal, has developed its own production facility, which was formed from two directions — refining and processing of reinforcing steel sheet products. 

The new production facility is equipped with all the necessary equipment for metal — has a line of manufacture of sandwich panels, sheet bending and drilling equipment, production implemented the ability to successfully carry out the metal plasma cutting, automatic and semi-automatic welding of metal and more.

Now, thanks to the opening of a new production facility, the consumers of products of LLC "MetallStroy" will be able to save time during the work and speed up the construction time or production.

General Director of "MetallStroy" Isakov Vladimir V. commented on the launch of a new product line, "Now, given the considerable production capacity and modern equipment of the new complex, LLC" MetallStroy "will be able to organize the rapid production of metal desired configuration and in the right amount to any object of the Customer."

For additional information, please contact the Klimovich Cyril and Zhelezinu Alexander, head of sales of the company "MetallStroy" by phone +7 (495) 740-71-38, fax: +7 (495) 740-71-13 or by e- mail


The main specialization of LLC "MetallStroy" — sale of steel and production of metal. The company’s products focus on building sites and industrial complexes in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The main specialization of the company — the delivery of a wide range of steel (rebar, wire rod, wire, channel bars, angle bars, sheet metal, pipes, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals).

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