On Iron and Steel Works "Azovstal" Metinvest Group, has successfully mastered the production of hot-rolled sheet steel grade S460M standard DSTU EN 10025-4:2007. The use of this material reduces the metal content of building frames by 10-15%, which is a substantial savings for the building owner.


A new type of steel produced by the modern technology of thermo-mechanically controlled rolling (thermo-mechanical control process — TMCP). This allows to obtain such properties as high strength, weldability and formability.

Hot-rolled sheet TMCP-S460M is actively used in Europe in the construction of steel-framed buildings, bridges and overpasses because of its qualitative characteristics, but also because it allows the use of lower metal content and, accordingly, the construction cost compared to traditional brands S235 (St3) and S355 (09G2C).

Commercial sales of new products have already been initiated in July Metinvest completed an order for 6,300 tons of steel for bridge construction in Poland. Ukrainian customers are also planning to use a sheet of stamps S460M in their projects. In particular, the first shipment of the sheet steel service Metinvest in Kiev is scheduled for August.

"Development of high-strength hot-rolled grade S460M is part of the initiatives the association" Ukrainian Center for Steel Construction ", one of whose members is Metinvest. This initiative is aimed at improving the competitiveness of the steel construction and reduced costs of customers. In the long run, this will help increase the share of steel structures in Ukraine ", — said the Director of Product Development and Market Metinvest Roman spectacle.

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