Metiznik Magnitogorsk received a grant for the development of high-tech manufacturing

A joint project of the Magnitogorsk Hardware and Sizing Plant "MMK-HARDWARE" (part of MMK) and Bauman. GI Nosov among the winners of the All-Russian public tender for the selection of organizations for the right to receive subsidies for the implementation of projects aimed at the creation of high-tech manufacturing.

The project to create high-quality production of steel reinforcement for railroad ties on the basis of a new generation of innovative thermal-nanostructuring received a state grant in the amount of 178.5 million rubles. According to Project Director of the Institute Professor Michael nanostaley Chukin, the main objectives of the project are the development of high-tech production at JSC "MMK-HARDWARE", support of science and the development of innovative technologies related to the creation of nanostructured materials. To participate in the contest was created creative team that has developed from Bauman scientists and specialists of JSC "MMK-HARDWARE." "On the way out, we want to have a modern laboratory, which will be located not only in the Moscow State Technical University, but also on the grounds of the plant. The project should be completed by 2012, when the technology will be developed and produced by modern high-tech production of steel reinforcement for high-speed railways sleepers "- said the head of the project.

According to the director of JSC "MMK-HARDWARE" Vladimir Lebedev, traditionally produce railroad ties with strunopaketami of 44 wires with a diameter of 3 mm, made of high carbon steel. With the increasing speed and load transport delineated the transition to the new technology with only four rods with a diameter 9.6 — 10 mm, which on the strength properties superior to the old design. However these properties associated with the use of high-alloy steel with vanadium by adding expensive. It is assumed that through the joint development of Bauman and JSC "MMK-HARDWARE" and the use of new equipment as a result of thermomechanical processing will be received the same strength properties at the usual high-carbon wire, without the addition of alloying elements. The first experiments were conducted augur well for the successful results of the project.

Rector of the Bauman. GI Nosov Valery Kolokoltchev noted that the university has always worked in close conjunction with the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, and its subsidiaries. According to him, this is a real example of cooperation of science and industry, which called on President Dmitry Medvedev, and due to this interaction have achieved such a significant result.

Department of Information and Public Relations of OJSC "MMK"

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