Metro will be shown in Germany, Japan and China

Published the first results of sales of Russian art at the Cannes Film Market The Russian film-catastrophe METRO show in Germany, Spain, Japan, China, Thailand and Turkey. Agreements with foreign distributors were achieved during the Cannes Film Market in support of "Roskino." At the stage of the negotiations are now in a deal with the representatives of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Poland, Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan and the Middle East. Previously exclusive international distributor METRO communication group Planeta Inform, signed the agreement on the picture box office in France, India, Malaysia and some countries in Southeast Asia. Film METRO was presented on the first day of the Film Market, and, according to the organizers, despite the abundance of large prime western majors, this show has caused great excitement: in the cinema were no empty seats, the results of the two sessions, the picture looked more than 100 representatives of foreign companies, distributors and selectors festivals.

No less successful was presented at Cannes and purchasers of the most successful Russian film of the year LEGEND number 17. The project is particularly interested in France, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, Spain and the Middle East. Expected response from the United States and Canada, the UK, China, Korea, Scandinavia. As explained by the director of international sales company Planeta Inform Anastasia Bankovskaya, action-sports genre of drama requires a special approach to promote in each territory, so the distributors to take time to discuss the project with their marketing department. "It is based on the trailer buyers have noted the uniqueness of the product in the market, and high-work of the entire crew — said Bankovskaya. — Those who managed to see the movie for the Marche du Film, spoke enthusiastically about the picture. Understanding the specifics of the film, we are looking for distributors working with the unusual, not the massive movie, which will be able to adequately represent the picture in their own countries. "

Moreover, the company Planeta Inform presented cartoon FROM THE SCREW 3D. On the Russian animation and three-dimensional projects in Cannes traditionally there was an increased demand, especially from Asian countries. At the Film Market arrangements have been made for the distribution in China and Australia and received offers from Korea, Taiwan and the Czech Republic. Also, now there are negotiations with the representatives of Thailand, France and Turkey. Earlier agreements were reached on theatrical release in Germany and cartoon DVD-release in the U.S..

As part of the joint stand of "Cinema Russia" Russian cinema Wizart Animation Company entered into a transaction on the cartoon showThe Snow Queen in the U.S. (distributor Vertical Entertainment), Germany (distributor Ascot Elite Film), Hungary, Bulgaria, and in the territory of the former Yugoslavia (the film will be released in late December in the cinema chain Kinostar). Also, there are negotiations about the rental of the cartoon in China, Spain and Latin America. In addition, in Cannes Wizart Animation has started selling its new animation projects: cartoons Wolf and Sheep and to continue The Snow Queen —Tape SNOW KING.
At the Cannes Film Market studio showed fragment cartoon whose main character this time will be the troll Orme — the hero is again talking voice of Ivan Ohlobystina.

Film company "Bazelevs" close the sale movie TREE 3 in the Baltic States, distributors — AkmeFilm.

Yuri Bykov’s film studio and Rock Films MAJOR, which will be shown in the main competition of the festival Kinotavr, was sold to France, Greece and Iran. At the stage of contract negotiations with Belgium, the Netherlands and Brazil.

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