Metrological Center opened in Moscow RUSNANO testing laboratory

Metrological Center RUSNANO opened a testing laboratory in the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute in Dolgoprudnom Moscow region. 

The lab will focus on measuring the spatial and structural parameters of nanoscale components wide variety of products, including nanopowders, suspensions, aerosols, porous materials, coatings, film structures, the bulk material (in particular ceramic based composites, polymers and metals).

It is assumed that the services of the laboratory will use a RUSNANO project company, as well as independent producers of nano-products.

"Our laboratory can be called one of the most modern facilities in the Russian nanotechnology industry in the field of metrology, — said General Director of the Metrology Center RUSNANO Viktor Ivanov. — The laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing to measure the spatial and structural parameters of almost all types of products. We will work unique specialists, in particular, of MIPT. We are already actively selects talented undergraduate and graduate students for internships and work together with the expert team of the Metrology Center of RUSNANO. In addition, the laboratory’s compliance with modern standards of quality management confirmed certificate issued by the Association of think tanks "Analytics" — international authority on laboratory accreditation ".


Laboratory activities will be conducted in several directions:

measurement parameters and product testing required for certification of nano-products and the formation of the new standards;
development of methods of measurements required for applications in nanotechnology;
creation of standards of composition and properties of nanomaterials


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