Metrostroy promises to reduce the cost of the work on laying tunnels

St. Petersburg. JSC "Metrostroy" signed a contract with the German Herrenknecht AG for the supply of the tunnel shield that will be used for the construction of tunnels, uniting the way in both directions. Now for each railway track in the subway tunnels constructed separate. Technology with the use of a new tunnel shield will build a tunnel diameter of 10.3 m, which tunnels the two directions of diameter 5.6 m will be merged into one.

The cost of the tunnel shield acquired "Metrostroi" for their own funds, amounts to € 23 million city budget and SUE "Saint Petersburg Metro" in the purchase of equipment not participate.


As explained in the "Metromsheni" the cost of a new type of tunnel construction will be significantly lower than the cost of standard tunnels due to the fact that there will need to build the chamber exit and evacuation sboyki (small tunnels that connect the two tunnels through which trains are moving, sboyki designed for the evacuation of passengers and shall be located every 300 meters — "Kommersant"). With the construction of new tunnels emergency exits will be immediately displayed on the surface. 

At the same time, as promised in the "Metromsheni," a new type of tunnel construction will take place in two times faster than the current tunnels. The first time such a technique will be applied in the construction of the tunnel area Frunze radius from the depot "Southern" to "Avenue of Glory" (3.76 km). As reported in "Metromsheni", this will be the first in the post-Soviet space tunnel of a large diameter to accommodate the direction of two ways trains. Installation of the equipment will start in March next year.


The optional board can be used for the construction of stations and shallow burial on those lines where you can find the site for the collection and removal of the equipment. According to Catherine Giginyak, a spokesman for "Metrostroi" basically it’s loosely built-up areas of the city. For example, the company plans to use the shield to continue the construction of "purple" branch to the north of the "Avenue of the Commandant." 

In the "Metromsheni" notice that the shield can be used for construction of roads and tunnels.

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