Metrovagonmash put the Minsk underground party subway cars

Metrovagonmash sent in the final year batch of 10 cars (two pyativagonnyh composition) Metro model 81-and 81-717.5M 714.5M Minsk underground.

The contract for the supply of rolling stock was concluded in December 2009. Under the terms of the agreement Metrovagonmash for 2010 delivered to the customer metrovagonov 30 (12 head and 18 intermediate).

At customer‘s cars are equipped with:
radio station, providing a link with the operator control station subway
system safety type "Bars".
The cars comply with the applicable technical requirements of fire safety, electrical safety and environmental sustainability. For the interior of the cabin and used cars nonflammable and non-combustible materials.
Metrovagonmash cooperates with the Minsk subway in 1984. To date, approximately 50% of the car fleet of the Minsk subway cars are production enterprises Mytishchi

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