MH Kalyazinsky (Tver region). Released a new model of equipment UPB-80

Mechanical Plant "Kalyazinsky" fabricated, tested and shipped to the customer a new model of the rig UPB-80 carrying capacity of 80 tons. The installation is a set of equipment mounted on the chassis with high cross MZKT-80077, able to move in the "swamp" the conditions of the Siberian regions.

The plant implemented a number of sites and improvement of to improve safety, productivity and efficiency of the operations at the well:

  • rotor drive is through the driveline, and the transmission itself is equipped with a sensor actuator torque and speed, the brake system removal of reactive torque from the drill pipe and gear reversing the direction of rotation;
  • emergency drive winch is a high-torque gerotor hydraulic motor, which eliminates the cumbersome gear and chain drives;
  • mast installation is completed standardized crown block, allowing installation on it is not only the power swivel, but the top drive foreign production;
  • customer‘s specifications established a special safety device (protivopoletnoe with smooth deceleration) protects the upper section of the mast from falling when installing / removing a well in the event of an emergency situation.

Aerial installation itself well (when lifting the mast extension and locking top section) is done via wireless (over the air) remote control hydraulic actuators-range — up to 100 m All this ensures the free movement of the operator to deploy complex and increases safety of the operations. The entire complex embedded increases the efficiency of the repair and drilling of wells, the company noted

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