Michael Osinov LEADS growth in the Premier League

[Img = http://www.rostov-loyals.com/images/NashKapitan/image001.jpg] In "Rostselmash" Mischa appeared in 2002, and then there were persistent rumors that the midfielder changed to combine. The transition in Rostov club one of the most prominent players in the "Rotor" stirred up then Rostov football community, but, as is now known, the formidable "Rotor", the famous Veretennikov, Nidergausom and Zakharchuk, lived out his last years in the major leagues. [Cut] aspen, who had to play in Israel (Maccabi TA), was a prominent figure in the Volgograd club. Before moving to the banks of the Volga footballer, who spoke in the youth national team, playing in the "Uralmash" — a team of which go to the dashing 90 was sometimes life threatening. As one of the most high-profile acquisitions of "Rostselmash" in the beginning of the century, aspen has been consistently team regular club. It is not surprising that over time, Michael tried on the captain’s armband. And by wearing it, wearing it today. Executing one of the most important roles in the game — the role of manager, and being in the heart of the events unfolding on the field, aspen more famous for the ability to implement free-kicks and almost never misses from the penalty spot. Thus different coaches withdrawn Misha different roles. So, Shevchenko gives it a place in the midfield, where it is put at the beginning of the season Dolmatov, but not a good life, but because of the acute shortage of players in the middle line. Balakhnin same in 2005 even sent Aspen in the attack, and he coped with the task of scoring a "locomotive". Of course, football is constantly presenting a threat to the goal, always interested in other teams. A few years ago, aspen was close to leaving the location of the Moscow "Dynamo", and in China, and before the 2007 sezononom like as already packed his bags — waiting in Kazan. But, fortunately for us, aspen each time was and remains with us today. This winter, the team there were only a few players — the fate of the club has been in limbo, those who are called to other clubs, were quick to change the registration. Could not leave the captain, but he did not, and when Rostov was built from the ground team, the purpose of which was an immediate return to the elite, on the new club became well known to us derive leader — Michael aspen. But it is worth remembering, and one more of the captain, "Rostov" — about his attitude to the fans. We remember how he, after goals scored rushing to guest sectors in Tomsk and Pyatigorsk, Novorossiysk and Vladikavkaz. Do not forget that the sincerity with which Michael has always treated us. This year marks the 33 aspen. At the age of Jesus Christ of aspen is still young, swift and cheerful. On account of his 28 games, and they have 12 goals. He is waiting for the Premier League, that’s where his place. Aspen — our captain! Envy, right, each team has a captain, but aspen Misha is only for us … Olegych Photo: The official site of FC "Rostov"

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