Micron has developed a chip space

Computer equipment does not always meet the space requirements. Often in the course are integrated circuits that are not intended for use in orbit, which provokes the fall of satellites. The Russian company "Micron" has developed chips that will ensure trouble-free operation in space for 10-15 years.

On a single silicon wafer is placed more than a dozen chips. They are all different, but equally intended as a lofty goal. They will install on computers spacecraft.

"You’ve heard of the periodic dips of our satellites. Specifically, this is connected with the foreign component basis, not intended for use in outer space. Developed a set of microprocessors and other schemes that meet our standards and must-fail to provide work space for equipment for 10-15 years ", — said Mykola Shelepin, Deputy Director General for Research of" Mikron ".

Constructors Zelenograd enterprise "Micron" worked on the design of these chips three years. The task is difficult: after all, in space, in addition to the temperature effect on computer systems has increased and radiation, and strong electromagnetic pulses.

"It is necessary not only to create a chip, but also to test. Moreover, should be tested not only the chip, but the hardware along with it. Therefore expect that in the short term, a year or two will be very widespread use of our components. And our devices in space to be very reliable, "- said about the complexities of production Gennady KRASNIKOV, head of the group of companies" Micron ".
New technology to protect against cosmic radiation increases the reliability of the processor. These properties will be useful on Earth. A new generation of chip can be used in aircraft, and Russian military equipment. At present, "Micron" is already producing 42% of microelectronics in the country. It is produced millions of tickets for transport, chips for biometric passports, the SIM card.

"Hybrid-chip modules for universal electronic cards can be both contact and contactless. For passport and visa documents — this is a purely non-contact design that works with the antenna. Together, they can be used around the validator or other device for which they are intended to write and read information "- explains Alexander Egorchikov, deputy section chief technology officer.

The company has passed the international certification for the production of chips for bank cards. The level of protection they must be such that only a few companies in the world able to achieve the right to develop the chip and write software for them. In the high-tech less than the product, the higher the cost of production. Competition is great, and without government assistance to Russian firms would be difficult to survive.

"In the past year there has been mastered line 90 nanometers, which was the result of public-private partnerstva.6, 5 MRD state has invested in this production. Same money invested private kapital.V result, we have a competitive domestic microelectronics company," — said Pavel Kutsko , deputy director of the Department of Industry of the Russian electronic
Pochtichetvert products, "Micron" is on the field of professional eksport.V specialized electronics Russian companies are working with world dostizheniy.No’s place in the consumer market for our producers is very difficult to win from foreign giants. Support our businesses to the state program of development of electronic promyshlennosti.Do 2025 in high-tech manufacturing will invest 500 billion rubles.

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