Micron is ultra-small chip radio frequency identification

"Micron" released RFID microchip, featuring super small size and low power consumption. Microchip is working on high-frequency standard ISO 14443-2.3, the chip area — 0.2 mm2. These characteristics are achieved through the original microchip structural and circuit design solutions developed by experts NIIME, R & D units of the "Micron". By the engineers ‘know how’ in the field of optimization of the organization and principles of the memory will be used in other products RFID ruler "Micron", the press service of the company.

The head of the group of companies "Micron", Academician Gennady Ya KRASNIKOV, commented on the emergence of ultra-small chip: "Starting with the development of the licensed technology, we consistently continue to work to develop their own technologies present level. Strong scientific school and many years of experience in the production of chips allow us not to lose pace development and successfully compete in the market with the world’s leading suppliers. "

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