Micron on the SPIEF 2011: Gennady KRASNIKOV presented the process of launching the production of chips with topological 90nm

The exhibition PMEF 2011 "Micron" presented a joint project with RUSNANO to establish production of chips with 90 nanometer to 200 mm wafers, implemented on the basis of the current production of "Mikron"

 Photo source:ya1.ru

The business of the forum was organized teleconference St. Petersburg — Zelenograd, during which the Director General of OAO "Mikron" Gennady KRASNIKOV presented the Chairman of the Board of JSC "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais and forum members the progress of the project to produce chips with topological 90nm.

Gennady KRASNIKOV said: "To implement the project, we have built new production facilities, increasing the area of clean rooms almost doubled to 3,500 sq.m. 90% completed the installation of new pieces of equipment, 150 people have been trained abroad in the world of modern factories. Today we are at the stage of setting up the equipment before starting mass production, the launch of which is planned for the IV quarter of this year. With the start of mass production of chips on 90nm technology production capacity will be doubled. "

"Chips with the topology of 180-90 nm used in telecommunications, smart cards, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive and aviation electronics. Today 90nm production technology level except Russia have only 7 countries. Our manufacturing process creates an ecosystem: the project has involved 50 companies from 12 countries, some Western companies have localized production in Zelenograd, formed new design centers. It is the presence of its own microelectronics manufacturing process ensures the safety of the state and determines its status among the leading world powers "- added G.Krasnikov.

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