Micron put RFID-tickets for commuter trains of Central PPK

JSC "Mikron", the largest in Russia and the CIS developer, manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics began supplying contactless RFID-traffic tickets for JSC "Central PPK" suburban passenger companies serving the electric trains in all areas of the Moscow railway within Moscow and Moscow region.

The use of contactless ticketing will reduce the time of passenger service at the box office and during their passage through the turnstile on the traditionally busiest rail routes, which will now be a little more than 1 second. In addition, contactless tickets have higher, compared with the tickets with a bar code, the degree of protection against forgery and damage, and do not lose their consumer properties under external influence (twisting, bending, brief contact with water).

Guarantee of the information on this ticket will be at least 5 years. Achieve additional economic benefits from the use of, RFID-cards allow the opportunity to advertise on the side of the ticket.

Assembling the ticket of "Mikron"

Chief Designer "Micron" Gennady KRASNIKOV said: "Micron — the only one in Russia and the CIS company with a complete production cycle RFID cards and tags, which allows for a high level of protection, as well as the flexibility to work with large-scale projects as well as small orders from customers . "

"Micron" is a leading producer of RFID tags and cards with a chip in Russia and the CIS, and produces about 300 million RFID-cards a year. The enterprise has organized a full cycle of RFID-tickets from design to manufacturing RFID chip cards.

Chip module assembly of "Mikron"

JSC "Mikron" enterprise with 47 years of history, is the largest in terms of sales in Russia and the CIS producer and exporter of microelectronics. JSC "Mikron" is part of "Sitronics" where is the parent enterprise business line, "Microelectronics".

The company supplies customers in 400 Russian and 100 abroad, "Micron" has a strong science and engineering school develops its own R & D center, which employs about 400 people. The company on an ongoing basis with more than 60 research organizations.

The cost of R & D is about 15% of revenue. The company employs approximately 1,700 employees. In clean rooms "Micron" is a modern manufacturing integrated circuits with topological level of 180 nm and a core technology EEPROM. The enterprise has a joint project with the State Corporation "RUSNANO" to establish on the basis of "Micron" production of integrated circuits based on nanoelectronic technology with design rules of 90 nm on 200 mm wafers.

The main areas of research and development of "Mikron": 1. Research and development of hardware components micro-and nanoelectronics 2. The development and implementation of technologies chip design 3. Development of specialized software 4. Development and exploration technology to produce information for mask making and production mode Foundry 5. Development of technological equipment for nanoelectronics Products and Technologies

JSC "Central PPK" carries passengers on Belarusian, Kazan, Kursk, Paveletskaya, Riga, Yaroslavl, SAVELOVSKY, Gorky and Kiev and other areas. Formerly of "Mikron" delivered to JSC "Central PPK", about 720 thousand vehicles contactless RFID-tickets.

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