Microsoft Imagine Cup competition won the Ukrainian creators gloves and translator

A team from the Ukraine won the main competition of one of the world’s largest international competition of student innovation Microsoft Imagine Cup, which ended on Tuesday in Sydney.

Ukrainian team from Donetsk quadSquad developed a system of translation of gestures used by deaf-mutes in voice messages. Special glove, equipped with a set of accelerometers detect the user’s movements and translates them into messages on the smartphone screen or voice messages.

Second place in the contest participants have taken the Japanese team Coccolo, developed the intelligent energy-saving system for the coordinated operation of LED lamps in the room.

Third place was won by the Portuguese team wi-Go project with a robotic conveyor to ease the lives of disabled people.

Troika team leaders will receive awards in 25, 10 and 5000 dollars respectively.

In addition to the main competition in the Imagine Cup was also held six thematic events to create programs for Windows Phone, Metro-applications for Windows 8, games, etc. In total, participated in the Sydney final 106 teams from 75 countries.

Imagine Cup — one of the biggest competitions of student innovation, since 2003, is organized every year with the support of Microsoft and other companies and non-profit organizations. Over the ten-year history through the competition were 1.7 million students from 190 countries. Contestants must figure out how information technology can help solve complex global issues of our time.

Unlike many other similar events startups Imagine Cup business component is less important than the dignity of the original idea and its technical implementation. This facilitates participation in the annual Microsoft «Technology Show" students of technical specialties, often poorly savvy in economic matters

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