Microtest built a data network for the Uralvagonzavod

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  • Screen of the website "Microtest"


The company "Microtest" implemented a project to create a data network for NPK "Uralvagonzavod". The constructed network is capable of providing approximately 800 employees railway car manufacturing with reliable communication, as well as give them access to the resources of information systems of the enterprise. If the project were taken into account perspectives of the development: it will grow as the number of users and expanding the range of services and information systems.

"Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "" is headed by an integrated structure, bringing together more than 20 industrial enterprises, scientific research institutes and design bureaus in Russia and Europe. This scientific-industrial complex is a leading player in the Russian market of trucks and railway engineering.

Some time ago, the company conducted a large-scale introduction of high-tech enterprise information management systems — ERP-systems, Omega and SAP. For efficient operation of business applications needed to create infrastructure solution that can form a common information space and to provide access for users — employees 12 administrative complex (ABC) railway car production — to corporate systems and services from anywhere on the corporate network.

As an artist project, the client has chosen "Microtest", which has extensive experience in building data networks for large, distributed enterprises and organizations, among them — Railways, RPF, "Uralmashplant", "Uralsib" and many others.

As part of the project the "Microtest" conducted a comprehensive survey, carried out network design, supply of equipment, its installation, configuration and testing. The network is based on the switching equipment from Cisco Systems and cabling Nexans, and in the construction of trails cabling solutions applied Legrand. Currently, the data network operates in test operation, it can be connected to 780 employees 12 ABK railway car production. Until the end of 2012 is expected to launch the network into commercial operation.

The network supports:

  • Business applications and services;
  • Voice over IP (Voice over IP);
  • Sending video (videoconferencing).

The project enabled the customer to solve several pressing problems: the integration of distributed plant and administrative building, to create a foundation for enterprise applications and services, and to ensure cost-effectiveness through the integration of several disparate networks.

"Exclusive of the project — to unify the solutions, which is expected to become the standard for the company — says the project results Eugene Ledeneva, Director of Business Development "Microtest". — Historically, "Uralvagonzavod" network built for a specific business application, and each new automation project initiated work on upgrading the network. Now a new network can be used for any automated systems. In addition, the network is well documented, respectively, the customer will be easy to maintain and expand her. "

Significant role in the success of the project was the active participation of top management SPC "Uralvagonzavod": Timely initiation of the project management of the enterprise, the creation of an enabling environment, personal monitoring of the implementation and achievement of results.

"The project, implemented by" Microtest ", gave us an opportunity to get a manageable and scalable data network that is ready to be connected in the future the required number of new services and applications, — said Constantine Lutsenovich, Director of the Center of Information Technologies JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "." — Configuration of the solutions will allow us to reduce the cost of support by the ease of maintenance of standard solutions, as well as to shorten the repair and maintenance works. "

In the near future SPC "Uralvagonzavod" — expanding the scale of the project: the network will be built and 12 production sites for railway car production. Further prospects of the project involve the creation of a similar solution for the 23 departments of mechanical assembly production of NPK "Uralvagonzavod".


About the companies:

"Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "the FE Dzerzhinsky " headed by an integrated structure combining more than 20 industrial enterprises, scientific research institutes and design bureaus in Russia and Europe. For many years he was leading in the national freight railway engineering industry and has a strong technical and intellectual potential. Today is one of the largest scientific and industrial complexes Russia includes metallurgical, railway car, mechanical assembly, repair and mechanical, instrumentation and other industries, allowing to provide a closed loop output.


"Microtest" experience in IT consulting and system integration c 1990. In 2011, turnover amounted to 9.77 billion rubles., The research team included CNews Analytics "Microtest" one of the 10 largest providers of IT services.

In the examination of "Microtest" includes the services of IT consulting, business applications implementation, IT infrastructure, information security, IT outsourcing, etc.

Among the company’s customers — Railways, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Tax Ministry, TTC, the Russian Emergencies Ministry, TNK-BP, "Lukoil", "Slavneft", the Bank of Russia, VTB, Raiffeisen Bank, Uralsib, "Toyota Motor", "KAMAZ", " Lebedyanskiy. "

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