MiG and Sukhoi will be engaged in joint development of drones

 Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" and "dry" signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. This was a Thursday, Oct. 25, according to ITAR-TASSreferring to the general director of the "MiG" Sergei Korotkov.

  • UAV "Probe 1".  Photo from sukhoi.org
  • UAV "Probe 1". Photo from sukhoi.org
  • Unmanned systems "PROBE 2"
  • Unmanned systems "PROBE 2"

According Korotkov, "MiG" will take part in the project, the tender for which previously won holding "Dry". According to the agency, in July 2012, the Russian Defense Ministry selected the company "Sukhoi" as the main developer of the project the impact of heavy drone. Possible future machine specifications were not disclosed.

Earlier work together on impact drone started of "Falcon" and "Transas". However, it was about the middle class UAVs weighing up to five tons. However, several military sources, which refers to ITAR-TASS, a joint project called "Falcon" and "Transas" more intelligence than the impact drone. In addition, the "Falcon" and "Transas" working together UAVs weighing up to one ton. The total funding for both projects is estimated at three billion rubles.

ITAR-TASS news agency, citing a RAC "MiG", the company said on Oct. 25 as a significant increase in the use of composite materials in aircraft structures such as the MiG-29. Instead of two or three percent of the volume of composite materials in the construction fighters have 10-12 percent. In particular, the use of composite materials has made half the outer surface area of airplanes. This in turn reduces the weight of the aircraft design to increase the resistance to corrosion and its rigidity.

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