Mikhailovsky GOK capacity will increase by 1.5 times

For a project to build a third roasting machine MGOK started back in 2007. In 2008-2009, was developed by the technical regulations of the production, the project is a technological complex machinery, equipment suppliers and selected general contractor. Total investment in the construction of the project is estimated at 13 billion rubles, to date, has developed more than 3.7 billion rubles.

In 2012, more than 5.5 billion rubles holding "Metalloinvest" send for construction and installation work and the purchase of necessary equipment, and fully complete the construction of the third roasting machine is planned for December 2013.

In addition to the introduction of new capacity at the plant will be a large-scale reconstruction of the related infrastructure, in particular boiler, water treatment plants, railway station shipment.

As a result of this project MGOKa capacity for the production of pellets will increase by 1.5 times, and the roasting machine number 3 will produce 5 million tons of pellets per year.

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