Mikran has received a large order security forces

Tomsk JSC "Scientific and Production Company" Micran ‘"in 2012-2013, the government will put 43 mobile set of digital microwave transmission MIC-ISS, said in a press release of the Tomsk region. "Micran" did not disclose the customer and the value of the contract, referring to state secrets. A source in the company said that the complexes are designed for one of the security agencies. Earlier, former company CEO Victor Gunter reported that the estimated cost of one set of 35 million rubles. in 2010 prices. On the basis of these data, the amount of the contract "Micran" more than 1.5 billion rubles. MIC-ISS for the fast deployment of digital microwave links and broadband wireless access networks. The complex is made Kamaz, in collaboration with "Bucyrus".

October 17 SPF "Micran" visited the governor of Tomsk region

JSC "Scientific and Production Company" Micran "(Tomsk), which a year ago to begin mass production of mobile communication systems," MIC-MKS ", enabling rapid deployment of digital links in the most difficult weather conditions in 2012 under government contract to supply 13 such complexes regional administration said on Wednesday.

Use of a complex construction ensures lines and multi-hop networks for transmission of digital information with a set speed of 512 Mbps to 155 Mbps simultaneously in four directions of communication. Moreover, it is able to open a wireless broadband access network 200 to the subscriber capacity and speeds up to 37 megabits per second. In this complex is able to work in all weather conditions and is set in 20 minutes, which can be interesting to law enforcement agencies, emergency, mobile operators, major companies in the fuel and energy complex.

The company began mass production complexes at the end of 2011.

"In 2012," Micran "plans to produce and supply under state contract 13 complexes, and the following year — for 30"
, — the report said.

In the regional administration said that the company visited the head of the region Sergei Zhvachkin. Following the visit, he promised to support innovative developments "Micran."

"This class communications equipment that produce Tomich, today in Russia to do, and our task is to do the maximum to ensure that all interested federal agencies, it would be" — the press service of the words of the governor.

Earlier, the previous head of the enterprise Victor Gunter reported in an interview with RIA Novosti that the company "goes on public procurement by 2020 need several hundred complexes." Also, he said that the company is "still a huge amount of orders from abroad through the" Rosoboronexport "and orders for one-time items, which need a mast — it can withstand up to 600 pounds, and can be more."


More about Mobile complexes "MIK-MKS"http://www.micran.ru/productions/mks/mks/

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