Military equipment in Far Eastern District upgraded by 50%

This year, the Warriors TSB master anti-aircraft missile complex "Shell"
More than half of the models of equipment in service with the Air Force and Air Defence Association of the Eastern Military District, was modernized and received during 2011-2012. This was announced at a press briefing on Friday, the commander of the Air Force Association and the Eastern Military District Air Defense Sergei Drones.

"For 2011-2012, we have upgraded and got a new technology for more than 50% of the samples aircraft association. Switched to upgrade air defense forces in 2011 with the complexes ‘Beech’ on the C-300, this year went on, the C-300 Complex S-400 "Triumph" and anti-aircraft missile complex "Shell", which is being developed in association this year, "- said Sergey Drones.

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