Military experts simulated tank battle between the T-90 and Leopard 2A6

The experts made a kind of "duel" between the two tanks: domestic -90 and German "Leopard" 2A6.
The occasion served as a comparison to their criticism of some Russian generals weapons supplied to the Russian troops. According to the military, domestic models are inferior counterparts who are armed with some of the NATO countries. However, mathematically simulated battle between Russian and German tanks, the experts came to the conclusion that in a real battle "Leopard" does not even have time to get closer to the T-90 at the firing range. According to experts, in a possible "duel" with a German tank of the Russian victory is more likely to get the T-90. In the domestic model has guided weapon system that allows you to hit targets at a distance of five kilometers. "Leopard" for a precise shot to get closer to the enemy by 2.5 kilometers. Different dimensions and tanks. "Leopard" more so, and get into it easier. In addition, the "Leopard" less agile, experts say. video here Russian T-90 delivers to many countries, including India. Awarded contracts and to supply tanks in Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus.

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