Military jet master of Tornado-G


Combat vehicles MLRS 9K51M "Tornado-G" from the 20-th separate Guards Motorized Brigade. Volgograd, July 2012 (c) Volga-Media /


The web site information company "Volga-media" of the Volgograd region appeared a report on the new 122-mm multiple rocket launcher 9K51M "Tornado-G", entered service stationed in Volgograd 20th Guards Motorised Brigade separate Russian army. It has been reported that 18 military vehicles of the system of production of "MZ" entered the jet artillery battalion brigade in April 2012, and that it is the first "Tornado-G" in service of the Southern Military District.

"Multiple launch rocket systems" Tornado "is a modification of MLRS" Grad ", but unlike its predecessor," Tornado-G "has an increased range of fire through the use of new shells and the increased speed of the system into the combat readiness through fixed automation, — said the commander third reactive artillery battery captain Anatoly Green. — New projectiles can fire at a distance of 40 km from the target, while the old firing range was roughly about 27 km.’s also worth noting that at least for the "Tornado-G" and are available new shells, it is also capable of producing and shooting with shells intended for the system "Grad". "

Due to the automated systems installed in the "Tornado-G", the speed of deployment and targeting the entire system is reduced by several times, and the work of the crew fighting crew is reduced only to the control of system operation, and only as a last resort, if the automatic will be destroyed or broken , that a crew has to manually perform guidance to the target. "

"The new system" Tornado-G "automatically produces targeting according to information received from the satellite. If there is any abnormality, the guidance has to be done manually. It is made from the cab car for a few minutes, which was not the famous "Castle" — said the commander of the 3rd calculate the first firing squad sergeant Igor Goryushkin. — This greatly simplifies the task. All multiple-launch rocket system management easy and can do things much faster. "





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