Military personnel have been trained on the new missile system Yars

The soldiers of the Novosibirsk missile connections have been retrained on the new missile system "Yars"

More than 200 officers and warrant officers of the account of the first missile regiment of Novosibirsk missile compounds have been trained on the new road-mobile missile system (PGRK) "yars" in the 183rd Training Center, located on the territory of the Arkhangelsk region.

The program included a re-employment as a 183-m training center and test center in missile systems spaceport "Plesetsk", which allowed the officers to-missilemen more detailed and in-depth study of the system and components missile system "Yars" and on specific issues to practical training . Further training of military personnel will be directly in the missile division of permanent deployment and technical missile base.

The process of retraining for PGRK "yars" consists of three stages. The first — on the basis of rocket connections and includes classroom training soldiers, the second stage takes place in the training center, stationed at the cosmodrome "Plesetsk". The final step — hands-on, directly in missile regiment during commissioning PGRK "yars" and admission personnel missile regiment to bear experimental combat duty. Each stage of retraining is completed by passing a number of tests and controlled by the Department of Combat Training Strategic Missile Forces.

In other missile connections planned to re also conducted military training for new missile systems. Thus, immediately after the Novosibirsk compound in the 183rd Training Center in July will be retrained missile regiment Tagil connection. Next in line retraining of personnel stationary missile regiment based in Kozelsk.

In December of this year to step up research and alert the first missile regiments of Novosibirsk, the Tagil and Kozelskii missile formations. And in the last of them to deploy missile system "Yars" will be implemented in a shaft version. Later on missile system "Yars’ re still a number of planned missile formations.

Currently, two regiments armed PGRK "Yars" with an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24, equipped with a reentry warhead, are on combat duty in Teykovskogo missile division.

Office of the Press and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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