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Stabling facilities for cattle farms for Tied

On the tie-cow spends in a stall most of the time, so the stall equipment must be safe, durable and comfortable.
The cow is fixed in the stable double-ended chain, which is fixed at the top of the turning bar, and below — for the slip collar.
By turning the lever to simultaneously release all cows since the longitudinal pipe fixing hook rotates around its axis.

All elements are fastened together stabling equipment are clamps, making the overall construction of a mobile and at the same time durable. The assembly stall equipment can withstand even the most intense physical action.
Stalls for a leash made of seamless pipes with wall thickness.

The service life of farmyard equipment increased by 30-40% if its galvanized. Galvanized equipment is far more resistant to aggressive climate barn.

The racks can be mounted leveling Autodrinking (one drinking bowl with two cows) and an automatic system of individual feeding.

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