Milking equipment, milking parlor

Selection of milking equipment — The determining factor for the dairy farm, which affects literally everything — from working conditions of the operators to the quality and quantity of milk received.
Therefore, the construction / reconstruction of a dairy farm or a set of very important to properly design and install the optimum conditions for your milking system.
For loose housing by price / performance the best solution is to install the milking parlor. Modern milking parlors for maximum optimization of the whole process of milking.
Solved the problem of the staff — an average of 100-150 cows to serve 1-2 people fairly. The degree of automation in the milking parlor is determined individually for each farm.

Equipment parlor:
• frame
• dairy posts. In one milk post includes:
— Milking machine (or to him?)
— Pulsator (electronic or pneumatic)
— Individual sensor milk
— Control button
— Metal Case

• vacuum unit
• milk pump
• slubber
• sanitary tank
• washing system

Types of milking parlors:
1. Milking parlor "tree"

Milking parlor "tree" is the most common in Russia and abroad. Such popularity of the "tree" has received thanks to its versatility and low cost compared with other types of milking parlors.

In the parlor, "tree" cows are at an acute angle relative to the edge of the Pit. Such an arrangement is particularly useful if you want to "fit" in the space of given width. Location Angle — 30 ° or 60 °; greater the angle, the greater must be the premise.

In the process of milking cows position comfortably and securely breast and back stops. The milking machine is connected at the side or rear, depending on the angle of the cows.

Exit the room can be a standard side (when the cows go through the gate at a time) or fast — then all the cows at the same time be able to go across the front chest stops.

Milking "tree" suitable for milking herds of 150-600 animals.

2. Milking parlor "Parallel"
"Parallel" — a more industrial type of milking parlor, with greater productivity when compared with the "Christmas tree". Suitable for large livestock farms from 500 to 1000 individuals.

In the parlors of this type of cows are perpendicular to the edge of the Pit. The milking machine is attached behind, the risk of it dropping to a minimum.

Width of the room should be large enough to accommodate such animals
but the length of the hall is essentially smaller (compared with the "tree", with the same number of positions). Thereby reducing time-to-cows in the milking parlor, and operators to move less in the hall.

Frame parlor "Parallel" is designed for heavy-duty use and has a very high strength. The electronics is mounted in a stainless steel casing, which is part of the frame.

Recommended system with a quick release, thereby significantly increasing throughput parlor. Although, if necessary, you can equip and release of individual cows.

3. Milking parlor "Carousel"
Milking parlor "Carousel" provides assembly-line production of milk. Designed to service large dairy complex with livestock than 1,000 cows.

Hall rotary type, located on a circle cows on the movable platform. "Carousel" can be constructed so that the operator platform located outside or inside.
Location outside of the operator involves service to the greatest population and more intensive work.
For farms with few livestock preferred scheme when the operator is inside the platform — as provided by a visual inspection of animals and milking process.

When working with a milking parlor "Carousel" the operator kept to a minimum. Cows do drive up on a moving platform, we can only connect the milking machine. Greatly simplifies the process of working with groups, since the process is continuous change of cows.

When "Carousel" must take into account that the most effective halls of this type is achieved with high levelness of livestock by the speed and structure of milk udder.

Overall parlors "Carousel" shows the highest productivity with the minimum efforts.

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