Million-ton steel JSC Kurganstalmost went to the Far East

Millionth ton of steel, the lion’s share of which — bridge is a precedent for Russia. Company has established its "Kurganstalmost" — a company leader in the domestic market of the last decade of bridge construction. A quarter of the Russian market of metal confidently produced at the plant before the crisis, in crisis, and today.

Vladivostok, preparing for the APEC Summit 2012, sent 35% of the annual volume of production of JSC "Kurganstalmost" within the federal target program "Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013," in the Olympic Sochi — 17% of the annual volume in accordance with the Federal Target Program "Development of Sochi as a mountain resort (2006 — 2014 years)," as well as large objects such as Western High-Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg, the third bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk, the bridge across the Dnieper River in Kiev, across the Amu-Darya in Turkmenistan span in Dortmund and dozens of small bridges and bridges, including the railway.

Millionth ton of Barrow went over 7529 miles — Vladivostok on the construction of the "Russian champion", as they call bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait to the island of Russian in Vladivostok. When completed, the span will be the largest cable-stayed bridge in the world over the length of the central span (1,104 meters) and the height of the pylon.

Dmitry Paryshev, General Director of "Kurganstalmost": "We are shipped millionth tonne of our strategic partner, which is building a bridge over the Bosphorus — JSC" USK MOST ". Together, we are building a bridge in Kaliningrad. Our metal bridge today "work" across the country, in Germany, Turkey, Laos, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, in their capacity as we have no doubt. And, starting with a million tons in each of our metal will stand still and a quality mark "One hundred best goods of Russia", just the other day we got this right. "

On the production of a million tons worked 2,400 people — the whole staff of the company, including those who have been shipped through the first metal from the plant was still under construction. A memorial sign installed at the plant in honor of the release millionth ton of steel — a great incentive for new generations. Given the rate of development of production, we can expect that the second million tons will be released in fifteen years.

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