Mine is Vorkuta, resumed the production of coal in two lavas

Vorkutaugol — one of the largest coal producers in Russia, part of Severstal, began practicing a new lava at the mine "Vorkuta" on the seam "Triple" with reserves of more than 800 tons. Since then, the mine resumes operation of coal mining two clearing faces.

Preparation of the new lava 932 th began in March of this year. Originally it was planned commissioning towards the end of the year.Since then, the mine "Vorkuta," led coal mining in the central unit, where they perfect lava in 1022 through the formation "Fourth." Meanwhile, the high-speed mode was passed assembly chamber 932 th, and with the participation of all mines, complete and makes installation of the equipment in the new lava — 932 th.

Production in the new lava 932 th will be carried out by means of modern German combine Eickhoff SL-300, of KM-144, conveyor "Angers-34." The average seam thickness — 2.8 meters, the length of lava more than 220 meters.
According to the plan in July lava should reach full capacity — more than 120 tons of coal per month. Complete testing of slaughter "Vorkuta" plans until the end of the year — will be followed by reassembly of the new lava.

"The launch of the new lava is of great importance for the mine and" Vorkutaugol "in general. More than three months we have been mining a stope. With the commissioning of the new longwall mine will significantly increase the volume of monthly production company. This will greatly facilitate the implementation of the production plans of the mine and the company, "- said the director of the mine" Vorkuta, "Svyatoslav Smelkov. After the release of the new lava at full capacity the mine "Vorkuta" clearing faces two plans to produce about 200 tons of coal per month.

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