Mine ship with a unique body laid in Russia

On Mid-Nevsky Shipyard ship mine laid Defence new generation feature of it is the world’s largest body of reinforced fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion, the press service of the company.

 Photo source:topwar.ru

Ship Mine Defense (CSI) Project 12700 designed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz". It is designed to find and destroy mines at a safe distance to the ship. The vessel belongs to a new generation of ships CSI.

The project calls for the formation of anti-mine 12700 loop with the latest high-performance sonar placed both on the ship and on the remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles, integrated bridge system, the main command post — automated control system of mine action, reports Flotprom.

However, the ship is able to use tral and traditional weapons. The ship has a high maneuverability through the use of an effective set of different thrusters. An important feature of the creation of this project is that it initially provides for a system of ships and vessels on the basis of a unified body of fiberglass. On the basis of this case is possible to build patrol ships and auxiliary vessels for various purposes for both military and civilian customers.

The ship has a displacement of 800 tons of unique, world’s largest body of reinforced fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion. JSC "SNSZ" — the only plant in Russia, which owns such technology, and the only one in the world who can create a monolithic body of this size, the report said.

The advantage of such a body is a higher strength compared to steel housing that provides greater survival of the ship when looking for min. Lifetime of the body more than the body of magnetic steel and the mass of the body is much less.

Much attention is paid to the comfort of the designers crew — on board all the conditions for the effective performance of combat missions and recreation. In 2012, the ship will be launched, the report says.

In recent years, Russia’s traditional partners in military-technical cooperation, such as India, Algeria and Vietnam, conduct systematic upgrading their fleets and can also become major buyers of ships CSI Project 12700.

Mid-Nevsky Shipyard (included in JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") was founded in 1912 as Ust-Izhora shipyard to build warships. Now the plant is building the ships and vessels for military and civilian customers both in Russia and abroad.

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