Miner put the light in the two-hundred Russian coal


JSC "Kharkiv plant" Light Miner "(Kharkov, is part of SPC" Mining machines ") and put the belt loader SP251.14 mine" Zamchalovskaya "of" Zamchalovsky anthracite "(Russia).  It was reported "SQ", the press service of the plant. As noted in the enterprise, this is not the first order, made for the mine. We have already supplied conveyor type SP250.14 and three podlavnyh conveyor SP250.12.

According to the "miner’s light", length delivered in May to the mine face conveyor SP251.14 is 200 m, the total capacity of its three drives — 330 kW. Inserted as reloader length of 80 m and a capacity of 110 kW, which, at the request of the customer is made with boards and crushing device. New equipment with an extra set of spare parts Kharkov machine builders have put the miners before the contractual deadline.

Help "SQ". Plant "Light Miner" was founded in 1891 production capacity of the plant is fully capable to meet requirements of coal mining enterprises of Ukraine. The products are delivered to 18 countries to work in the coal, oil shale, potash and other extractive industries.

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