Mineral waters passenger traffic in 2012 increased by 32.4%

According to the results of the 2012 international passenger airport "Mineral Water" was 1,279,539 people, which is 32.4% higher than in 2011.

Passenger traffic on domestic routes in 2012 was 978,001 people, which is 26% higher than in 2011. The most popular flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
In international passenger traffic for the year 2012 amounted to 301,539 persons. Growth to a record in 2011 was 57%. The most popular flights to Yerevan and Baku. The most popular tourist destinations have flights to Antalya and Sharm el-Sheikh.
Throughput of the airport in 2012 was 13,273.123 tons, which is 38% higher than in 2011.

Number of flightsin 2012 increased by24%(Compared to last year) and made 16,038 takeoff and landing operations.
A significant increase in the figures for 2012 gave the followingairlines:"DonAvia", "UTair", "Transaero", "Orenburg Airlines", "Aeroflot".

New flightthe period of autumn and winter navigation, acting at the airport since October 28, 2012, became the Nizhny Novgorod ("AK BARS AERO"). Tourism has become a novelty flight to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates ("Orenburg Airlines").

Important events in 2012:
• Airport allowed to receive on a regular basis, long-haul aircraft Boeing-747;
• Following the contest, conducted by the Association "Airport" CIS Civil Aviation, the airport has won the title of "Best Airport in the CIS in 2011" among airports with passenger traffic up to 1 million people;
• Put into operation Doppler weather radar. It provides an accurate prediction of the atmosphere, making a more efficient operation of the airport to receive the aircraft even in the most difficult conditions;
• The opening of two deluxe rooms, which are a separate complex with its own front entrance and parking area;
• Renewed airfield equipment for aircraft maintenance, as well as machinery for the maintenance of the apron and runway;
• Opened the first regional exhibition pleynspotterov — photographers who shoot only plane on the tarmac;
• October 3, 2012 the airport, met his million passengers;
• The opening of the memorial sculpture in honor of the 40th anniversary of the first flight of an aircraft TU-154 with passengers on board and a second fountain.

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