Minifactory for crushed stone discovered in Dagestan

In the area of the village Talgi built mini-company. Of natural resources make crushed stone for the construction of railways and roads. According to experts, the limestone in the soil here is enough, at least for 10 years.

Boulders fall into the crusher. Iron grip smash them without difficulty. The production of crushed stone is elementary. A deal, among other things, profitable. Here is a sample mini-factory. All documents are in order. Do not cause harm to the environment. Have employed 50 people. Yes, and taxes will be paid in the year of approximately 10 million.

The demand is great. The plant "Talgispetsstroy" makes a day almost 150 trucks of rubble. Everything is easily sold. Sales market is also large — Dagestani signed a contract to supply with the Astrakhan builders.  The republican authorities are convinced Dagestan need these small and medium-sized production. In each area a mini-enterprise. Then the people — work, investors — income, region — taxes. In this particular case, the authorities promised investors that the state authorities will not interfere with inspections. The main thing — to work openly and honestly. The immediate plans to upgrade the plant. Install water dispensers to forget about the dust. Install a few more plants to make more fine gravel for paving slabs, breeze blocks and cement. According to experts, the limestone in the soil here is enough for at least 10 years of age.

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