Mining connection SOUTH received for service complex intelligence, control and communications (CRUZ) Sagittarius

Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade (Mountain) of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed in Karachay-Cherkessia were armed with complex intelligence, control and communications (CRUZ) "Sagittarius". By the beginning of the school year will go to the compound and the radio station of the new generation of "Peanuts."

This year, with the staff of infantry, artillery, intelligence and other units of the brigade conducted more than 120 live firing squad and platoon, 6 Working Capital tactical drill exercises with units of combat and logistic support, 6 company tactical exercises with live fire, 2 battalion tactical exercises access to the landfill.Connect twice participated in command post exercises, during which the soldiers in full gear marched in a mountainous area, which is over 400 km.

In 2012, with units of the brigade conducted 24 field output. In conducting firing at various levels spent more than 100 thousand of ammunition. In total, of the driver (drivers) passed on combat vehicles and cars about 4.5 thousand km.

With the pack-vehicle platoon compounds held more than 200 sessions on the tactical and special training in the field. During the period of military training platoon to destinations was delivered more than 480 tons of cargo over a distance of 5 kilometers.

As part of the international military cooperation military mountain brigade in September SOUTH participated in a joint Russian-Italian teaching in the mountains in Italy.

This year, the team went on military recruitment on contract. In connection is usually sent recruits with special mountaineering training. About 50% of them have sports categories.

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