Mining machines put DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia skips-giants


SPC "Mining machines" completed the shipment of two skips, weighing 34 tons each, made on an individual project for "Mines them. Heroes of the cosmos."

It took only four months NPK "Mining machines" to develop and produce lifting equipment for the transportation of coal mine shafts with all the requirements, "Mines of them. Heroes of the cosmos." To improve the performance of the elevator installation dvuhskipovoy coal TsSh5h4 to no less than 3 million tons per year of skips weight was increased from 24 tons to 37, the rate of recovery increased to 10 m / s. Payload mass in SCIP brought to 26 tons Body lined with stainless steel, perfectly proved in the mining and geological conditions of the mine. In addition, for the issuance of Lyada people in emergency situations, is set right in the skip, and its ascent and descent may carry one person. Miners are confident that not only will work skips the standard period inherent in the calculation, but also be able to surpass the previous life of the skips, the press service of the company.

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