Ministry of Buryatia has received a new building

The construction of a new building on the street Dimitrov took 5 years and nearly 350 million rubles
Just a building of 6 floors plus a sports unit with a modern swimming pool — the money allocated from the federal treasury. Just the other day here will move the entire management team of the Buryat Police, headed by the Minister. 
Here in the basement of a new house a police control. Now, from here through the large monitors on the wall will begin around the clock to monitor the work of city police departments and the situation on the roads of Ulan-Ude.

— If we see that here focuses cork, first, we are sending the traffic police there, so that they regulate movement, and secondly, we will immediately inform outfits that they will long to go in that direction, so they immediately go by-pass routes — said Nikolai Nazarov, head of the Interior Ministry‘s Duty of Buryatia
Electronic database of messages from citizens in the service of "02" — another innovation, which, according to the police, should help relieve the telephone line of duty units. 
As for the former building of the Ministry, it will not be empty. It will accommodate economic security management, HR professionals and employees of the investigation department.

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