Ministry of Defence has ordered 10 Ruslan

The Ministry of Defence until 2020 purchase of 10 aircraft "Ruslan", Dmitry Rogozin, said today during a visit to Ulyanovsk plant "Aviastar". During a visit to the company vice-premier meets with his employees and in a conversation with them stressed the importance of a stable production of aircraft for civilian and for military aircraft.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Deputy Prime Minister: "I remember 10 years, perhaps ago, I came here, back when he worked in the State Duma. It was an empty shop. Right now it is important to move from one-time purchases that do not solve your problem, the permanent serial purchases when you just see the future. The most important thing is that our people can steal, right? Steal the future, steal the future. Here’s to no one no longer steal, we need a series, needs stability. In this respect, I think everything connected with the state program of armaments and civilian procurement, said that there will be built dozens of modern machines. "

Also today, the flight special ops manager of the president was handed another — is the second in a row — the Tu-204-300. It is made in the so-called VIP-configuration — with shower, DVD-monitors and places of rest during long flights, according to NTV.

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