Ministry of Economic Development has approved a draft Nokia Siemens to produce LTE base stations in Tomsk

The Expert Council for Special Economic Zones (SEZ) technical type at the Economic Development Ministry on Thursday approved the draft Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) for the production of base stations for mobile networks fourth-generation technology Long Term Evolution (LTE) in the Tomsk SEZ.


According to the press service, the new project aims at the development and production of base stations not only LTE, but also the transport of wireless and fiber-optic communications. Such systems include microwave radios millimeter-wave and optical wavelength division multiplexing systems (DWDM).

"Thus, in a single production will form an integrated product that allows you to solve the problem of building modern access networks in conjunction with an efficient transport equipment", — stated in a press release. To implement the project Tomsk partner NSN — Scientific and Production Company "Micran" — to build its own housing on the southern site of the SEZ.

As reported in March, Nokia Siemens Networks, JSC "RUSNANO", "Micran" and the regional administration signed a letter of intent start of production of base stations LTE.

"This is the first project for the production (base stations — IF) LTE in Russia. We want to build a competitive company that will be able to produce products for export. Initial output will be about 10 thousand plants per year in the future plan to reach production to 100 thousand plants per year ", — noted previously CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks in Russia Christina Tikhonov.

She did not specify the cost of creating the production in Tomsk, but noted that a similar project in Western Europe costs about $ 50 million

"Micran" expects that the pilot batch of products will be released in the fourth quarter of 2011, and the production of 10 thousand plants per year, the company will be able to come out in 2012.

Data transfer speed of LTE reaches 326 Mbit / s and 172 Mbit reception / s return. Radius of the base station can reach 30 km.

NPF "Micran" specializes in the design and manufacture of telecommunications equipment, the production of modules and components microwave, manufacture of instrumentation and microwave accessories microwave tract, production of GaAs monolithic integrated functional elements in the centimeter and millimeter-wave radar equipment manufacturing.

Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type created in Tomsk in December 2005 and specializes in three areas: IT and electronics, medicine, biotechnology, new materials and nanotechnology. Tomsk SEZ is divided into two areas — North and South — with a total area of about 300 hectares.

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