Ministry of Energy of Turkey: Ankara Turkey approves purchase of gas-fired power by Russian companies

Turkey has a positive attitude to the acquisition of Russian companies of Turkish gas power plants, said "RIA Novosti" Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz after the 12th meeting of the Joint Russian-Turkish intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation, which was held in Antalya on Saturday.

"We welcome the acquisition of our gas-fired power companies from energy-exporting countries — and Russia is just such a supplier. Because they deliver their gas by themselves and exploit it, "- said the head of the Ministry, Turkey.

As an example, the minister cited the acquisition "Inter RAO"

90% of natural gas power plant "Trakia» (Trakya Elektrik Uretim Ve Ticaret as — Trakya Elektrik), located near Istanbul.

"I hope that we will resolve necessary approvals from the Ministry about the remaining 10% stake in the assets and the" Trakia "will be fully owned by the Russian company" — the source said, adding that Turkey is considering similar projects as part of the strategic partnership with Russia.

Let me remind you:
"Inter RAO" paid for the 90% stake in Turkey’s gas-fired power plant (TPP Trakya) 67,5 million

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