Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia commented on the concern of Russian scientists in the Black Sea

Statements of Georgia about the threat to regional stability in relation to the Russian military exercises in the Black Sea are far-fetched, said on Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.


"Public inflating the Russian threat to conceal one’s confrontational policies reception for Georgia is not new. Suffice it to recall the months-long hype of last year’s planned Russian exercises, ostensibly representing "a mortal threat to Georgia." The fact that in Tbilisi continue to resort to such formulaic propaganda tricks, frankly, poorly glued to the declared intention to normalization with Russia ", — Lukashevich said, a comment which is available onMinistry’s website.

According to him, "deep concern" over the Georgian side in connection with the exercise is contrived character. " "This is particularly evident in the background, it is appropriate reaction the rest of the world community", — said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman.

"I think we are talking about another unconvincing attempt to conceal the true state of affairs. And it is that it was Georgia, in 2008, unleashed the military conflict in the Caucasus, to this day continues to shy away from entering into binding agreements on security assurances to South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which for many years have been subjected to threats and acts of aggression on the part of Tbilisi. Unfortunately, this line of re-confirmed at the just-concluded round of Geneva discussions, where the Georgian delegation refused to international peer review prepared by the co-chairs of the draft statement of all the participants in the negotiations on non-use of force ", — Official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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