Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: the organs of adopted Russian children in the United States could

used for transplantation

Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that it is in possession of the data attempts to remove organs from dead two boys. According to the laws of some states it can be done even without the consent of relatives, but simply by the decision of doctors.


In February, the deputy of the State DumaAlexander Starovoytovsent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of RussiaSergey Lavrovto provide information on the possible use of dead Russian children adopted in the United States. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a positive response, saying that"Our diplomatic missions in the United States there is evidence of two facts (based on the U.S. media) of application (attempting to use) the dead bodies of Russian children for transplantation". The document is at the disposal of the newspaper "Izvestia".

According to the ministry, in 2003, authorities tried to withdraw from the six-year A.Geyko, and in 2005 — the I.Kargyntseva. However, to say exactly what it led these efforts, the Office could not.

Such cases may be more, but the official response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that know about all such cases, impossible. The fact that the statistics on this issue in the U.S. is not conducted. In most American states, the law "On the anatomical donation", according to which the removal of organs there are no barriers,"If the doctors or the competent authorities taken reasonable efforts to identify possible objection". From all this, Alexander Starovoytov concludes that Russian children in America are not protected.

The possible use of children’s organs was used as one of the arguments in favor of the "law of Dima Yakovlev" at the end of last year, but no official figures parliamentarians could lead.

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