Mintras supports operators of new technology

The Ministry of Transport has thought of compensation to Russian airlines financial losses related to the quality of the new Russian aircraft. Office is developing a program of subsidizing regional traffic, which will be laid down 700 million rubles. for losses from downtime winged cars. According to experts, most of the money is to get a group of "Aeroflot", which operates the lion’s share of Russian new-generation aircraft.


As told on Friday the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov, in the framework of the development of regional air Transport Ministry in 2013 may allocate 700 million rubles. to subsidize purchases of aircraft SSJ-100 and AN-148. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport, it is a legal framework that will provide low cost carriers to compensation in the event of failure of new aircraft. According to him, these documents are in the development stage.

Market participants note that the main beneficiaries of these subsidies will cost airlines in the group "Aeroflot". Today the company operates ten aircraft Sukhoi Superjet-100 and six An-148 (working in the airline "Russia"). Most of "childhood diseases" at SSJ-100. Over the past week (from 10 to 17 May), the first and second planes were completely removed from the schedule. The third flew four days, four — five days. All days worked only fifth, seventh and ninth aircraft.

The official representative of "Aeroflot" did not comment on it. According to him, SSJ-100 — "innovative and promising machine."

Among the producer said that they know that the Transport Ministry is discussing the idea of compensation for a simple aircraft. "They will minimize the risks of the commissioning of the new Russian technology and compensate for losses to carriers associated with it," — said the spokesman, "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (producer SSJ-100) Andrew Ants.

"It (the proposal of Ministry of Transport. — RBC daily) — an aid in the commissioning of new aircraft, any new car at the beginning of operation has a number of" childhood diseases "that are fixed in one or two years. Consequently, the aircraft Stalling more than the long-run in and Commissioned aircraft, "- said the official representative of the leasing company" Ilyushin Finance Co. ". Andrei Lipovetsky (marketing support Ukrainian factory "Antonov").

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