Miraculous Rescue




Two weeks in the rubble of the building

When, in 1998 in Seoul collapsed shopping center Zhampung, accidents that have survived in the rubble, they drank rainwater and chewing cardboard. However, shunga Hyung this incident was even more tragic. 19-year-old shop assistant found himself in a remote, small space, the so-called "air bag" where you could hardly turn around. There he remained — scary thought! — More than two weeks without food and water. Doctors believe that the poor guy has helped it survive the fact that being in the dark, he could not keep track of time. Self Hyung after discharge from the hospital, told reporters that, in his opinion, he was imprisoned only 5 days.

Shot himself — killed another

When the mistress of Edward Hands admitted that she leaves him and returns to her former husband, poor Edward offered to meet and discuss the situation. Having met in the bar of the town Batrou, Florida, the trio chatted as long as Edward pulled out a gun and, resting his chin (to himself, not her husband's mistress!), Pulled the trigger. However, suicide did not work — the bullet ricocheted off the bone and hit an opponent in the head, putting it to the spot. During the investigation, the police came to the conclusion that, as Edward Hands shot himself, and not to the victim, the perpetrator of the murder can not be considered and justified Hands.

Lucky as a drowned man

Former member of the British Parliament to Jack Cunningham had to fight only for his political career. However, in the summer of 1999, during the parliamentary recess, this gentleman had a serious fight for their lives.

He came to rest in Italy, a place Lake Karda, and somehow decided to swim and dive in plenty in the sea. Here's what Mr. Cunningham later told reporters Italian newspapers:

— I took a sip of water decently, and it filled the breathing tube and the respiratory tract. Gasping for breath, I felt that his legs refused to move, and I began to sink to the bottom vertically — drowning, simply put. I was just beside himself with rage, watching as it becomes darker and darker, and feeling like my lungs are about to be filled with water to overflowing. The fear of death — a terrible feeling …

Unconscious diver for almost five minutes lay unconscious on the floor until it was pulled from the water is nearby sea rescuer. Back in the present, a member of parliament found himself lying on the shore, and a huge, overgrown hair to the eyes, red-faced man pounding his cheeks and shouts "come to life! Come to life!"

— Can not believe me, but I was convinced that I was in hell and creepy devil knocks me out of the soul — admitted Cunningham.

The survivors in plane crash

Botanist Wim Kodmen became one of the fortunate few who survived a plane crash over the territory of Faro, Portugal. The plane broke apart in the sky, and 60 people fell into the jungle with the aft fuselage. Up front, in which there were pilots and a few others, planned for backgrounds trees and flattened them thanks to the wide wings.

— It seems that I only kept the composure, — says the code-men. — I am as I could, comforted his companions, and with God's help, we slipped through the branches to the ground. All survived, escaped with shock and minor injuries.

Ha giganstkom spit

— It looks like a huge spectacle of shish kebab — said a police officer who saw the "Honda Civic", which belonged to Stephen Geymori.

This happened in April 1998. Car "Honda", managed by Stephen collided with a heavy delivery truck was transporting six-meter steel beams. One of the beams pierced through the car, striking the windshield and went out through the trunk. "Spit" in thickness was 12 inches from the driver's chest just a foot, catching and tearing up the right sleeve of the jacket. In the back seat were two passengers and a massive beam at a speed of lightning pierced the back of the seat between them, without causing any harm to people. The very special vehicle, striking a crackdown in the front, "Honda", crumpled it into an accordion and dragged the course of their movement twenty meters. Fortunately the driver's air bag is triggered, and he did not receive any damage.

— We see the Lord loves tax inspectors, so gave us three lives — was able to joke green from the horror Geymori.

It happened in the English county of Cornwall, near the town of Newquay.

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