Missile Iskander taught to aim for photos

As told to "Izvestia" a source in the General Staff, at the Kapustin Yar in late last week for the first time tested the missile, equipped with a new guidance system. According to experts, the accuracy of missiles has doubled. This allows you to destroy all enemy targets on the ground and seriously expands the list of underground facilities that are guaranteed to be destroyed. Equip the "Iskander" plan primarily western borders.

 Photo source:primamedia.ru

According to a representative of the General Staff, the exercises 630th separate missile division of the 60th combat use of the Center has been involved tactical missiles 9M723 9K720 modular multifunctional complex "Iskander-M".

— Guided missile be induced "picture" that is, the reference digital image of the target compared with the current image — told "Izvestia".

Because of this principle, the accuracy of missile strike increases significantly, that first of all it is important to engage the enemy underground objects, including bunkers.

— With such characteristics, "Iskander" will be able to reach even the subway — says the source of the "Izvestia".

Later Center operational use in early 2012, will give a tried and tested set of battalion of the 26th Missile Brigade Neman (w / h 54006), stationed in Luga.

Under the plan, announced in the beginning of the year, during the execution of the state armaments program for 2011-2020, will put in the Russian army 10 missile brigades "Iskander-M". A total of 120 weapons to be adopted "Iskander-M".

According to military experts, the captain of the first rank in retirement Constantine Sivkova, thanks to the correlation system that adjusts during the flight route on special images, incorporated in the missile accurately hit "Iskander increased to 5 meters.

— Weighing 500 kg of such accuracy is assured destruction obetov opponents, including buried. Moreover, the list of buried objects that are guaranteed to be destroyed, significantly expanding — said Sivkov.

According to him, the accuracy rate "Iskander" is 10 meters, which is too much. At the same time, according to Sivkova, "Iskander" must be kept in the central part of Russia, and on the west, to be within a few minutes to destroy a missile defense system based in Europe.

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