Missile Regiment Yarsov went on duty

In the Ivanovo region atonement for combat duty in the first Russian regiment, armed with a mobile strategic missile system RS-24 "Yars". On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said spokesman of the Press and Information of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Vadim Koval. According to him, the regiment included two divisions of the RS-24, which in 2010 were put on combat duty pilot. During the trial operation of the military confirmed the stated performance characteristics of the complex.

In the future, new missile systems to replace outdated armed with RS-18 (Russian classification UR-100N UTTH, NATO classification — SS-19 Stiletto) and RS-20 "Governor" (R-36M, SS-18 Satan). As expected, the "yars" along with a set of mobile and silo-based RS-12M2 "Topol-M" will form the basis of a shock grouping of Strategic Missile Forces. By now there were three test launches RS-24 and all were found to be successful.

In November 2010, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Karakayev said the missile forces intend to gradually re-arm from moving, "Topol-M" on the new RS-24 complexes. At the same time enacting missiles "Topol-M" silo-based will continue. In general, the timing of upgrading to "Yarsy" will depend on the timing of operation are facing armed with missiles. It should be noted that the Strategic Missile annually conduct test launches of ballistic missiles as part of extending their useful life.

The development of "Yarsa" deals with the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology. The rocket is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead 3-4 individually targeted capacity of 150-300 kilotons each. Technical data missiles classified. It is expected to be able to hit targets at a distance of 11,000 kilometers.

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