Missilemen Southern Military District under SKSHU Caucasus-2012 used PTRC Iskander

September 17th as part of the command and staff exercises "Caucasus-2012", which takes place on the territory of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), at the site "Kapustin Yar" the drawing of a tactical episode of hostilities.

Military formations and units of the Vladikavkaz-Arms Association held development of practical action missile troops and artillery to detect and defeat the most important goals of the imaginary enemy, including the use of precision weapons.

Missilemen completed combat training missions to defeat targets in the support of infantry units in a plain-steppe terrain.

In the drawing tactical combat scene participated unit tactical missile complexes "Tochka-U", "Iskander", as well as multiple rocket launchers "Smerch".

One of the features of the doctrine was working out combat training tasks missile troops and artillery SOUTH using advanced automated control systems and unmanned aerial vehicles passing stage military trials.

By the practical actions raised more than 1 million soldiers and more than 100 units of various military equipment. To solve the problems of this stage firing exercises rocketeers SOUTH been used more than 100 rocket ammunition.

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