MK SKSM company engaged in metal structures, has doubled the volume of production

Kharkiv company "MK SKSM", specializing in the manufacture and installation of steel structures, in 2011, doubled its production capacity.

According to the chairman of the "MK SKSM" Sergei Korobko, the increase in production was due to market expansion on a geographic basis and the principle of inclusion in the list of enterprise customers from various industries. In addition, technologically complicated projects in which the company participated. "Until 2008," MK SKSM "specialized in the manufacture of products for civil and industrial construction. In 2011, the order book of the company prevailed in the metal fabrication projects for companies in other sectors of the economy, in particular, the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine and Russia", — said S. box.

He also said that in 2011 the bulk of factory orders fell to Russian enterprises. However, in early 2012, the share of orders from Ukrainian companies has increased significantly. "This year is expected to scale reconstruction of energy companies and metallurgical complex of Ukraine." MK SKSM "will actively participate in these tenders," — said S.Korobko.


Help "SQ". "MK SKSM" (Kharkov, Ukraine) was founded in 2000, specializes in the design and manufacture of steel structures for the construction of industrial and civil objects on the basis of individual projects, serial designs as well as standard equipment. The firm’s clients, in particular, includes PJSC "Philip Morris Ukraine", "Procter & Gamble Co", LLC "Malteurope", "Interbrew", "GSE". "MK SKSM" is a partner UkrSSEC "Energostal."

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