MK SKSM took part in the construction of an oil extraction plant in Kirovograd

The company "MK SKSM" takes part in the construction of an oil extraction plant (OEP) in Kirovograd.

According to the contract signed with the customer of construction, of "Creative Group", in mid-December, "MK SKSM" will supply 1,300 tons of steel.

"Tender for metal fabrication was very stressful. Our competitors are companies, the location of which — 70 kilometers from the site of the future plant — gave them a significant advantage. In addition, prices for manufacturing of similar constructs in the Kirovograd region is considerably lower than in the Kharkiv region. However, due to the accuracy of the implementation of projects, which are famous for our experts, the customer gave preference to "MK SKSM" — said the chairman of the society, "MK SKSM" Sergei box.

According to the box in now for a project involving all power production facility. Also has begun installation of 400 tons of steel, made by the company. Completion of construction works at the site is scheduled to end in February 2012.

Reference: "MK SKSM" was founded in 2000. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of steel structures for the construction of industrial and civil objects on the basis of individual projects, serial designs as well as standard equipment. During the activity, the company has implemented more than 9 major projects. Among the clients of the company — "Philip Morris Ukraine", "Procter & Gamble", "Malteurope", "Interbrew», GSE. "MK SKSM" is a partner UkrSSEC "Energostal."

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