MK SKSM took part in the construction of steel plant in Kaluga

The company "MK SKSM" completes the production process of metal cooler flue gas electric arc furnace for JSC "Kaluga Research and Production Electric Metallurgical Plant" (Kaluga region, Russia). The total supply of 300 tons.

According to the chairman of the society, "MK SKSM" Sergei Korobko, supply of steel structures for the construction of a metallurgical plant in Kaluga will be fully completed on January 15. The assembly of structures will be carried out according to the schedule of works contractors.

"Currently, supervision over the manufacture of products and equipment that will be installed on the Kaluga steel plant, provides the general designer of the new company — the company« Siemens VAI ». According to the requirements of the customer, the quality of metal, made of "MK SKSM" should fully comply with the requirements of the design documentation ", — said S. box.

He noted that the proposed project by German experts scrubbing solution provides high dimensional accuracy and docking port designs. Russian producers often refuse such a small, but complex orders, preferring a more ambitious.

"Non-standard of this order is that the metal produced at the plant must" come to life "in the operation, that is to be the most malleable of vibration. A similar project was implemented only once in Russia, so now "MK SKSM" took on a very serious responsibility, "- said the chief engineer of JSC" Kaluga Research and Production Electric Metallurgical Plant "Sergei Veselkov.

Reference: "MK SKSM" (Kharkov, Ukraine) was founded in 2000. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of steel structures for the construction of industrial and civil objects on the basis of individual projects, serial designs as well as standard equipment. During the activity, the company has implemented a number of major projects. Among the clients of the company — "Philip Morris Ukraine", "Procter & Gamble", "Malteurope", "Interbrew», GSE. "MK SKSM" is a partner UkrSSEC "Energostal."

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