Mobile communications system MIK-MKS

In the scientific and production company "Micran" (Tomsk) deployed mass production of mobile complexes MIC-ISS.

MIC-MKS — family of mobile communication systems designed to organize the rapid deployment of digital microwave links and broadband wireless access networks capable of functioning in both normal conditions and in difficult noise conditions and to provide a reliable and high-quality communications officials at various levels, and links control stations in all weather conditions.

Mobile communications system MIK-MKS is built using the latest achievements in the field of microwave communications, computing, engineering and technology solutions, hardware components and a modular design execution.

Opportunities MIC-ISS:

  • Work on the four-way communication PPO "MIK-RL 4 … 18P + ‘with a range of communication depending on the transmission rate and the frequency range up to 40 km in a straight line.
  • Deployment of base stations of broadband wireless access WiMIC-2000/6000B the coverage area of up to 5 km, with line of sight.
  • Binding to the departmental network or public telecommunications network via standard interfaces using copper or fiber-optic cable lines.
  • Providing lifting mast lift payload 900 kg (depending on type) at a wind speed — 30 m / s at a temperature of minus 55 to 60 0C.
  • Antenna rotators own design, mounted on a mast, enabling automatic adjustment of antennas from 110 to minus 110 degrees in azimuth and from +15 to -15 degrees in elevation.
  • Deployment time systems from traveling — no more than 20 minutes a crew of 2 persons.

The basic set of hardware connections in the test samples, including the P-431AM, in 2011, went through all kinds of tests, including in a series of military exercises.

In carrying out strategic exercises "Center 2011" at Ashuluk range means complex hardware was deployed two field communication unit and a command post exercise leadership. The complex has been praised by the Russian Ministry of Defense senior management for the high quality and ease of rapid deployment.

At present range of products for various applications, including telecom operators, is expanding.


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