Mobile robotics Warao

Among the many activities to ensure the safety and protection of society particularly important are issues related to the prevention of terrorist attacks using explosive devices. One way to prevent attacks is the development and implementation of mobile robots for the detection, neutralization and destruction of explosive devices.

One of these platforms has mobile modular robot Varan, which is the result of joint collaboration of specialists in various fields. The mobile robot was created by specialists SRI SM Bauman. NE Bauman and specialists of "Special Design Bureau of Instrument and Automation" (JSC SKB PA g.Kovrov). All development work was carried out with the use of modern software, such as Autodesk Inventor 10, which was used as the basis for constructing three-dimensional models.

The mobile robot "Varan", in addition to detection, neutralization, destruction in place, or delivery in a special container in a safe place explosive devices can also perform tasks such as reconnaissance in urban or field conditions and work in hazardous to human health and life places ( in terms of radiation, chemical and biological contamination).

It can work as a remote operator controlled mode and offline, on a pre-entered in his program. On Undercarriage "Varan", depending on the task, can be set different work equipment. For example, two-finger pointing, video surveillance systems, or water jet, which serves to destroy explosive devices.

The mobile robot "Varan" has passed a series of laboratory and field tests and has already proved its necessity and effectiveness.

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