Mobility and cloud services — a new paradigm of development of the information technology market

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices and cloud services has changed the paradigm for the development of the information technology market. Their predictions about the future of the world after the era of personal computers introduced edition of "Expert".  

According to recent research, the global number of smartphones sold exceeded the milestone of 1 billion devices, and for the achievement of this result the market took 16 years, the next record — 2000000000 — will be delivered within 3 years. Advantages of tablets and smartphones estimate, more and more people, and this is reflected not only in the growing volumes of sales of these gadgets, but in the gradual replacement of personal computers. Trend "mobility" affects all related markets: for example, mobile data services are a significant factor in the competitiveness of the business operators.

The increasing popularity of mobile professionals connected with the fact that the market has moved from a model of Device-centric («in the spotlight — the device") to the Information-centric («in the spotlight — information"). In today’s world, the value is the possibility of obtaining information at any time and in any accessible and user-friendly manner. This opportunity provides cloud-based technologies that can be used to process and transmit data located in a remote data center, regardless of the location of the user (the simplest example — social networking and email services), and mobile devices are a convenient tool for accessing information. Today, therefore, the "cloud" and mobility — are two closely related concepts that are developed in close relationship with each other.

Becoming an integral part of both the working and home environments of users, mobile devices have initiated revolutionary migration in software and visual presentation applications. "In an era of personal computers after the key success factors in the market are mass, flexibility and availability: bulky complex solutions that require long-term costs of installation and maintenance, cease to be in demand even in the corporate segment. In the software industry, these principles are embodied in the business model of "software as a service» — SaaS, and in the segment of consumer devices — the creation of "smart" sverhustroystva that combines the key features of the most popular gadgets "- says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. 

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